Sing into the Housing Student Self-Service and select the Meal Plan tab at the top of your screen. Click Select/Change My Plan make sure that Select Term reads the correct semester and click Submit. If you are in a meal plan mandatory area, then you can change your meal plan to an approved option. If you're in a non-meal plan mandatory area, then you can add, change or drop your plan.

Your Meal Plan (meal swipes and Discretionary Dollars) are valid for the current semester. Meal Plans cannot be used during Thanksgiving, Semester and Spring breaks.

If you find that your Meal Plan doesn't suit your dining needs on campus you are able to upgrade your plan at any point in time during the semester. Should you choose to lower your meal plan you have 2 weeks after the start of the semester. Any changes made after these dates must be completed in person at the Residential Center.

Yes. For those with food allergies and intolerance we have two areas in The 921 available to you. Simple Servings is our station in The 921 that is free of 7 of the Top 8 FDA recognized food allergens. We also have a My Zone pantry, a gluten, tree nut and peanut free secured area. For those with religious dietary needs we have a Kosher Corner. Meals come pre-packaged from Brandeis University and are stored in their own refrigerator. To gain access to My Zone and Kosher Corner please talk to one of our managers for more information.If you are still having trouble dining on campus, Michelle Switach, MS, RD is available upon request to meet with you individually. To schedule an appointment with Michelle, please contact her. 

Discretionary Dollars are included with the purchase of your Meal Plan. They may only be used to purchase food at any of our dining locations on campus. Falcon Funds are monies that you personally add to your Falcon Fund account. They can be used on campus like a debit card. Falcon Funds are accepted at all dining locations, the bookstore, and student information desk.

Click on the following link: Then scroll down and click on + Adding Falcon Funds. Students: Login to Workday, click Academics, select Falcon Funds in Quick Links. From there you can add funds and edit your account. Parents/Other: Please follow this Link to add Falcon Funds to a Student's account, 

To make a Falcon Funds deposit by mail, send a check made payable to Bentley University and including a Bentley ID number to:

Bentley University Card Office (Falcon Funds)
POL 109
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452