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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a resident freshman, what are my meal plan options?

All freshmen are required to contract for the Super Value Meal Plan or the Value 15 Meal Plan.

I am an upperclassman living in an on-campus residence hall/suite, what are my meal plan options?

All on-campus hall/suite residents are required to contract for the Super Value, Value 15, or Value 12 Meal Plans.

I live in an apartment, what are my meal plans options?

Residents of both on and off campus apartments are eligible for any of the meal plans; Super Value, Value 15, Value 10, APARTMENT Plan or the BLOCK 60 Plan.

What are the meal plan block-out dates?

Meal plans are not in effect during Thanksgiving, Semester, and Spring Breaks.

What if I want to make a change to my Meal Plan?

The date for the fall semester deadline for residents of mandatory meal plan areas to lower their meal plan is September 22, 2015. The date for the spring semester deadline for residents of mandatory meal plan areas to lower their meal plan is February 2, 2016. Any changes made after these dates must be completed in person at the Residential Center.

Residents of any area can increase or add a meal plan at any time.

What is the difference between Discretionary Dollars and Falcon Funds?

Discretionary Dollars are part of the Meal Plan. They may only be used to purchase food at Campus Dining locations (except Dunkin Donuts). Falcon Funds are monies that you personally add to your Falcon Fund account. They may be used on campus like a debit card. Falcon Funds are accepted at the bookstore, student information desk and all campus dining locations.

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Using Your Meal Card 

Your Bentley University ID Card can be your ticket to the many outlets on campus. With the purchase of a meal plan and/or Falcon Funds, simply present it when you visit for meals in The 921 Dining Hall. Each time, one meal/entry from your plan is subtracted from your balance. Any unused meals from your plan are not transferable. Please treat your Bentley Student ID (meal plan card) as a credit card. DO NOT lend it to anyone or borrow one from someone else. Fraudulent lending of your ID card will result in your ID being confiscated and sent to Residential Life for further action. 

Falcon Funds 

Opening a Falcon fund Account is a fast, safe and convenient method of managing campus life. The debit card system is a unique money management tool activated through your ID card. Instead of carrying cash, all you have to do is present your Bentley ID and your purchases will automatically be deducted from your personal Falcon Fund Account. Falcon Funds may be used on campus at the Bookstore, Student Information Desk and Campus Dining. Falcon Funds may be added to your card at the card office located at Campus Police. 

Special Diets

Do you have particular dietary needs? Please let us know! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact us at (781) 891-2191. 

Things To Remember 

  • Meals and Discretionary Dollars are not transferable semester to semester 
  • Meals and Discretionary Dollars cannot be assigned to others 
  • Meal Plan Discretionary Dollars may be used to purchase food only at Campus Dining Outlets on campus (except Dunkin Donuts). 
  • Unused Meals may not be turned in for reimbursement 
  • Falcon Fund discounts are for food purchases only at Campus Dining Outlets. 
  • Discretionary Dollars may not used at Dunkin Donuts.
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